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Cost Segregation: free analysis

February 2, 2010

Without doing an on-site examination, a cost segregation analysis usable for your tax return cannot be given. But, through a strategic alliance Sperry Van Ness advisors (such as I) can get you a pretty close estimate, albeit conservative, of projected tax savings from your real estate investment.

The company we use will run your data through three separate programs to get the best answer. The estimated savings will be given to you in dollar amounts and also stated in the form of an ROI (Return on Investment) of what you would pay for an analysis.

If you can answer these questions, contact me and I will get you your estimate by putting you in touch with the president of the service. Contact info is below.

First, the Depreciation Schedule from your most recent tax filing is vital. Please attach to your email.

The questions:

Purchase Price or cost to build, minus the land value

The month and year you purchased or built the property

Total land square footage

Total building square footage

Flooring: carpet and vinyl stated in % of the building square footage

Parking: % of land that is paved, or the square footage, or the number of parking spaces

Was it a 1031 Exchange? If so, what was the date of the exchange?

The date of your next quarterly estimated tax payment. This is also vital.

That is simple information to look up, given the amount of savings you may realize.

How much might you save? Here are a few averages one company suggests for each $1 million in Depreciable property. They are stated in First-year savings / NPV savings.

Apartments $10,000 / $36,000

Hotels $20,000 / $64,000

Shopping Centers $10,000 / $44,000

Office Buildings $8,000 / $39,000

Car dealerships $11,000 / $51,000

What is your property worth? You have a good idea, so get me the answers and I will get you the estimate.

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To see the new commercial, land and investment listings that came into my desktop this week, go here:

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