About Sperry Van Ness | Lillie & Associates LLC

Sperry Van Ness | Lillie & Associates LLC.   Gary Lillie founded Gary Lillie & Associates, Inc. in 1984. In 2006 Gary Lillie & Associates became part of the Sperry Van Ness family of real estate advisors.

Founded in in 1987 by Rand Sperry and Mark Van Ness, Sperry Van Ness is the only commercial real estate firm that proactively markets its listings to other commercial real estate brokers, with the promise that if they sell one of our listings they will get 50% of the commission. No other commercial real estate firm does that. None.

What does the above mean? Think of it this way; when you buy a property you don’t want competing bids because you want the best (lowest) price possible, but when you sell a property you want many competing bids in order to get the best (highest) price possible.

Many commercial real estate brokers will not allow another firm to sell one of their listings. Others tell their clients that they cooperate with other brokers, but in fact only offer a smidgeon of the commission if another broker sells their listing. That policy is designed to discourage other brokers from actually selling their listings, which puts more money in their pockets, but probably less in the pocket of the seller.

When Sperry Van Ness lists a property it is entered into our proprietary software, which then distributes the listing to the six major commercial information exchanges(CIEs): Loopnet, CoStar, PropertyLine, CCIMNet, Globe Street and 3NL. Many brokers enter their properties in one or two of those sites, but none in all six.  Many investors search in one or two of those sites, but none in all six. We hit them all.

Sperry Van Ness | Lillie & Associates also enters its listings in Catylist, a national CIE that powers many commercial boards of Realtors, as well as some of the largest commercial real estate firms in the nation. 

Sperry Van Ness software also sends an email blast to not only 40,000 investors on our list of buyers, but also to 65,000 commercial real estate brokers, inviting them to sell our listing and receive one-half of the commission. That’s unprecedented and still not matched by any other commercial real estate firm.

Finally, Sperry Van Ness is not just a national firm; we are international, with locations in Costa Rica, Panama and 11 mid-eastern countries. The amount of investment dollars that come from those countries into the United States is staggering, insuring that Sperry Van Ness is a conduit of investment money to our listings.

To recap; Sperry Van Ness offers:

  • A standing offer to split our commissions 50/50 with outside brokers. 
  • A spirit of cooperation with outside brokers, which generates top dollar for our listings.
  • A spirit of cooperation within our firm that causes advisors to work in teams to market and sell our listings.
  • Full coverage marketing of our listings.
  • A conduit to international investment capital.
  • Presentation software that gives maximum exposure, thus generating maximum results.

Put it all together and Sperry Van Ness offers clients receive the best service available. The best.


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